Achieving a Fabulously Feminine Gypsy Look With Silk Scarves and Shawls

One of the most feminine styles fashionable women have adopted over the decades is the gypsy look. It does not matter whether you lean towards the dramatic Flamenco style or the more casual hippy look. This sensual style always attracts attention.What first comes to mind with the gypsy style is the amount of fabric required to make it work. You need yards upon yards of flowing material to make up the long and flowing skirts. While the blouse may feature puppy sleeves, it is often closely fitted in a bustier style. It is the skirt that requires specific care since it must reach as far down as the ankles. Adding to this abundance of fabric are the head scarves and shawls. These often define the gypsy look. They may or may not feature tasseled fringes. These only increase the air of fierce femininity. Overall, the style not only appears feminine, it makes the wearer feel so.In order to create the gypsy look, you can simply rely on the basic contents of your closet. What you may have to purchase, if you don’t already own one or more, is a silk scarf. A hand handmade silk shawl or scarf adds the perfect touch to an outfit that begins with your choice of top. For this, you may prefer a bustier style. Alternatively, select a scooped cotton blouse with puffy or capped sleeves. Some prefer an off-shoulder top while others may favor a low cut tee shirt featuring capped or puffy sleeves. All will work.The skirt may be flared and falling to the knee or longer. Remember – the fuller the skirt, the better the look. To accentuate or create a narrow waist and wider hips, use a wide, black belt. Shoes offer several options. You can go for the flat and even delicate look by wearing sandals or cotton espadrilles for the summer. In the winter or even summer, a pair of heavy and tall Doc Marten’s or combat boots complete the overall look – just be sure to let your heavy wool socks peak out over the edge. Fold them over the boot tops. This masculine touch simply makes the look more feminine as it contrasts with and brings out the femininity of the fabric.When it comes to layering further, you may not need to play with silk scarves or shawls to increase the effect. You may be able to simply complete the look by covering your entire head with a fabulous hand painted silk scarf. You cover your head with the silk scarf, wrap it around to conceal the forehead then tie it tightly close to one ear. You can then drape a sumptuous hand-dyed shawl casually across your shoulders.If your skirt lacks enough volume, you can add another layer easily. Simply take a silk scarf or shawl, drape it over your skirt and tie it around your hips. One that will work particularly well is a fringed silk shawl or scarf. Finish off the gypsy look by placing a striking silk shawl over your shoulders and wear a stunning silk scarf to cover your head. To complete the authenticity of this look, be sure to wear very large hooped gold earrings.