Your Intention Is What Determines Whether You Deviate From Or Stay On The Path Of Life

Judgment is the attempt of the mind to attach some kind of meaning to your experiences in life. This meaning in turn defines who you are in relationship to certain events, circumstances or people you meet. In other words, the way the world represents itself to you is an exact replication of what or who you think you are. If you see yourself as a victim of abuse, you will see potential abusers everywhere and consequently manifest even more abuse in your life. Some day you may decide that this low self-image is no longer an appropriate reflection of you and so you begin to feel more deserving and lovable. Because of this perceptual shift, your world has no other option but to accommodate and respond to the new meaning of yourself, thus, it brings more giving and kind people into your life and blesses you with greater abundance.In any case, you are the master creator of your life, whether your creation appears to be positive or negative. This occurs in a mostly unconscious fashion, making the process very difficult to manipulate or control. You cannot be fully aware of and live your true potential unless you take conscious charge of creating meanings for all the things that happen in your life.Most people would want to know why, for example, they missed a train, forgot to pay their phone bill, or sprained an ankle just when they decided to go and visit a friend. One person may come up with only derogatory reasons for all these events, such as: “I just wasn’t myself today”, “I should have been more alert” or “How stupid of me!” A religious person may have a very different interpretation of these incidences: “God must have had his (good) reasons to make me miss that train, to receive no phone calls for a couple of days, or to prevent me from going out to visit my friend.” Both kinds of responses are self-created and in no way reflect the true meanings of these occurrences. Absolute reasons simply do not exist. They are subjective projections only, with no objective or independent truths in them. No one else except you can give meaning to what occurs in your life. Such is the power of your existence. You can apply this power in any way you want. It is for you to choose and decide why things are happening the way they do. Their meanings are completely up to you.A person with terminal brain cancer may argue that there is no other choice left but to die, that ‘my time is up’. However, they are the only ones who can decide whether the tumor is going to kill them or not and they have that choice at every moment they are still alive. This is not to say the one decision is right and the other is wrong. It just means that it is up to them to direct their infinite power toward bringing about the destruction of their physical body, or restoring it back to health. Very few people realize that they are the ones who make the body self-destruct through an autoimmune disease such as cancer.The majority of those falling ill do not feel they have the power to heal themselves, which may perhaps be the reason they become ill in the first place. The self-assessment of the lack of healing ability is by itself a powerful decree or judgment destined to become a self-fulfilling prophecy; it effectively blocks the healing process. This, however, does not mean these people have no capacity for self-healing. The very fact that they are able to live on this Earth plane and sustain a complex physical body proves that they are an unfathomable pool of creative intelligence. Yet, they have decided to funnel their energies toward fulfilling the unconscious decision that they cannot heal themselves. And the body merely carries out the instructions.There is no deadly cancer as such. Some people decide that cancer cannot kill them and they live through it as if it were the flu. In fact, studies have shown that at least 85% of all cancers disappear on their own. Those who had them didn’t even know they had them. Others fear cancer like a terrible monster or as an influence that is beyond their conscious control, and they die from it regardless of how effective and successful a particular treatment may be. Consequently, the cancer seems to take control of their body and their life. In truth, there are no other influences than the ones they create or attract toward them. Accidents, mistakes, failures, achievements, happiness, conflict, peace, and whatever else takes place in our personal world, are all our own making, not God’s or anyone else’s. You literally make up every single reason why something happens to you the way it does.Your intention is what determines whether you deviate from or stay on the path of life. While unconscious of your own power, you are naturally afraid of outer influences that could upset you or throw you off balance. The projected fear becomes your decree, your intention, and your judgment. If you are afraid of disease, you are literally praying or asking to become sick. Why would you do that? Because you can learn from the pain it generates. Sickness can take you beyond fear and reclaim the power that you are. If you consciously choose to appreciate an illness or an accident as an opportunity to initiate a long overdue internal shift and transform your life, then that is what it will do for you. Basically, nothing that happens to you has a hidden or useless agenda.Your future is in your hands, at every moment. The instant something happens to you (remember, you have attracted that situation), it is your intention and interpretation of this situation that determines how you feel about it and what it has brought into your life. The way you interpret things or expect them to be is, in turn, based on your previously acquired beliefs. These beliefs serve as crutches to help you feel more secure. You create expectations in your life because thinking you know what comes next helps pacify your old fears and insecurities. By expecting something bad to happen, you feel you can prepare for the worst if need be.This, however, is a Catch-22 situation. These expectations actually manifest what you do NOT want to happen.