Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera – A Review of Its Important Features

Canon Digital Rebel XSi is an improvement over its predecessor Rebel XTi, which was no different from its earlier versions. This camera scores over its counterparts in performance and image quality in several ways.(For the information of the uninitiated, SLR is a short form for Digital Single Lens Reflex mechanism used in modern ESO (Electro-Optical System) cameras. This system uses a mirror placed behind the camera lens. When the shutter is released the mirror instantly goes out of the way and allows the light to fall straight on the sensor. The SLR design facilitates the use of a wide range of focal length lengths, which is not possible in non-SLR cameras.) FeaturesOperational easeNearly all the buttons of the camera are located on the right side so it is easy to operate them with the right hand. Each button, moreover, is differently designed which allows the hand to feel it without actually looking for it.

‘My Menu’ functionXSi’s ‘My Menu’ is its biggest asset. It allows you to build up a list of frequently used settings.Auto Optimization featureIts Auto Optimization feature facilitates shooting in tricky lighting environment by brightening the darker areas of the scene without affecting the tonal details. Shooting speedThe camera beats its competitors in its shooting speed. It takes around 0.2 seconds from power to photo. It is the fastest shooting DSLR camera as it can snap 3.4 frames per second.With its superb colour accuracy and dynamic range, the XSi delivers best quality noise free, highly detailed, edge-to-edge sharp photos.Superior lens Its 18-55 mm lens is much superior to some of Canon’s earlier cameras.14-bit A/D converterThe camera is fitted with a 14-bit A/D converter, which creates pictures in smooth and detailed tones especially while changing from light to dark colours such as shooting the sky at sun set. It captures high quality raw images.Live View featureIts Live View Function allows you to view your subjects through a 3.o inch LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor. You can easily magnify any part of the scene 5 or even 10 times for obtaining a precise focus.Auto Focus systemAutomatic Focus feature is used for face recognition. This technology is used to focus on a particular face in a large group when a person is at a distance or when he moves into a frame. The camera remains focused on the person even if he moves. The Canon Digital Rebel XSi camera is equipped with a high precision 9-point Auto Focus sensor system that can take photos even in dim light.

Integrated cleaning systemSometimes the photographers have to work in dusty environment and have to change the lenses. The cleaning system integrated with the camera saves lots of time by cleaning the dust on the sensor surface by using ultrasonic vibration. The self cleaning system works automatically whenever the camera is switched on or off. There is a collar near the sensor that collects the dust so released.Flip sideSince no camera is perfect, XSi has its own drawbacks. The metering may occasionally become jumpy and give rather strange results. It does not perform well under intensely bright lights.The speed of the Contrast to detect the AF-Automatic Focus used for face recognition is slow. It is slightly costlier than other cameras in this genre, but its assets compensate the high price.